Casey Neistat

“Casey Neistat does something different by bringing a decade of

videographic experience into a craft that prizes amateurity.”

– Nerdwriter


Casey Neistat is a video and blogging creator on YouTube. With 750+ videos up online, and more than 7 million subscribers to his work, the difference between him and his million other competitors is Neistat's extraordinary style that has now become quite a trend. But Casey doesn't see other creators as competition, in fact he works with them as often as possible to create the best content for their audience. His work is now his passion but this wasn't always the case, his story is something a lot of people go through: lack of money and family support, , mental health deterioration, amongst other circumstances, that ultimately led him to run away to the “land of dreams” that is New York. We urge you to watch his take on his life story here to understand why we write about him in our Positivity Zone:

Every society, every community taps into the subconscious. It sets its own standards. In the case of online video content, Casey breaks out of the perceived box of creative restriction. Even in his career, he broke out of a trend which was widely considered the crux of the craft. He’s no different from us, really. He’s a person who is determined to achieve his goals, and even after fighting several battles, has managed to hold his ground and be what we all wish for: happy. It is far easier to say “Just do what you believe is right and life will work out", than legitimately implement that. But after hearing Casey’s story, it's easy to see that a simple change in perspective can get you where you want to be. Neistat treats every day like it’s his last, something that's so incredibly hard to do, but a must for each of us.


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