• Jake West

What is Love?

What is love? Well, that’s a bit tricky to answer. Why? Because everyone’s love is different. In each unique way, every person, every relationship, has its own rhythm and way about it. Each person’s love is love… it just may not be anyone else’s.


“Honey, you know I love you”

“Of course I do”

“This was a tough year”

“Possibly the worst”

“With us? Yes, it was our worst year”

“I think it’ll start getting better soon. I mean it feels better right now”

“It certainly does”

A hard year, the hardest year, but no more. There wasn’t an attempt to leave. There wasn’t an effort to protect oneself. And there was never a door leading out. Because as hard as it got, it was only hard. Hard for them, and it will always stay them because love is trust for them. They trust each other, and that’s why they will never leave. Because as hard as it gets, they trust that the other wants it to be better just as much as they do.


“Today was hard”

“Do you want to talk about it”

“No, not yet. Can you just hold me”

“Of course. Here, lay down”

“Thank you”

“For what?”

“For letting me in your bubble” wrapping fingers together, follows a light kiss on the forehead.

Pain. So much pain in these two. Yet pain is manageable. Before they met, suffering inflicted the looming question. But letting each other in, turned that suffering to pain. They developed a reason to keep walking forward. And their reason was the other. Because as they curl up and pause reality, love protects them. In that moment, with their other, their bubble of love protects them from the dangers of their own minds. For them, love is safety, and they require no more.


“Wow, we did it!”

“Oh my god baby, we really did”

“You know what this calls for?”


“Shots. A lot of shots. Let’s get everyone over to the Rat tonight!”

“Absolutely, I’ll call John and Larry”

“Okay, I’ll let Jen know. I love you baby”

Are they just young, or is that just how some people are? They did it, together. Not I did it. Or you did it. No, they did it. And how do they celebrate? Exactly how they want to. Extraverts at possibly their finest. They want to party the night away together because when they look at each other they don’t see anything holding them back. They feel invincible with each other, and in many ways they are. They give each other the confidence to do and be whatever they set their minds to. Their love is their invincibility because together they can win the world.


I find all love to be beautiful. Not because I would want every type of love, but instead I see the different forms of love. I see that they are simply different, not better or worse. All different shapes and sizes, I think it is good to remember that there is more out there than the star crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet.

What is love? Love is whatever you make it.

Image Credit: https://www.sbs.com.au/

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