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What I've Learned from Being Uncomfortanle in my Body

We all have insecurities. For years mine has been my appearance, specifically my weight, shape, and body.

I have always felt or been made to feel too small or too large. Sometimes I put these feelings upon myself, other times they have been put on me by others. When I had lost weight I was told I “wasn’t a real woman” because I didn’t have curves. When I gained weight I “looked pregnant” or was “getting fatter”. The things that I was saying to myself were very negative and didn’t help my self esteem whatsoever, but to hear my thoughts come out of another person’s mouth was just downright painful; it was just a confirmation of everything that I had been feeling.

I have seen my weight go up and I have seen my weight go down. Throughout that time I don’t think I was ever happy or satisfied with myself. This is what I’ve learned from being uncomfortable with my body:

  • Our bodies are not permanent. There is always room to change and self-improve. We can lose weight, gain weight, bulk up, lean out. Whatever our hearts desire.

  • What is beautiful to one person is their opinion and preference. Just because one person doesn’t love the way you look does not mean there aren’t plenty of people that do. I have had people tell me that I look better skinny, and I have had people tell me they love a curvy body better. Whatever your body is, it’s okay!

  • Nobody really cares about your weight except your nosy coworkers. Yes, I said it. I gained weight and the people that just saw me in passing had something to say about it. My friends, however, thought nothing of it. No judgement was passed; they love me just the same.

  • My body is my business and nobody else’s. People are nosy and are more than likely going to ask questions. You are not obligated to explain why your body is the way that it is.

  • I am and always will be the same person. Whether my weight goes up or down, I will always be me. I still have the same heart, the same soul.

  • Having a higher or lower weight does not make me any more or less beautiful. Beauty is an opinion and a preference. What matters is how you feel about yourself.

  • Take care of your body and love it regardless of what it looks like to you. It carries you everywhere you go, it is the only body you have to spend every moment of your life with. Be kind to it, take care of it. Eat well, exercise, sleep. Punishing your body will not get you the results you want to see, and if it does then it surely will not feel good. Punishing ourselves just perpetuates a cycle of self-destructive habits.

  • I do not have the right to make judgments about others. Just as I would not want someone to make judgments about me, I should not make judgments about them.

I think that being uncomfortable with our appearance is a struggle for many. However, I think that if we were to practice self-love and compassion towards others then that struggle would lessen. There would be less pressure to feel the need to be a certain way, to fit a standard mold. My body is not good nor bad, not right or wrong, it just is. So is yours.

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