• Jake West

What Do They See?

The three girls

Naturally giggling just as the leaves tend to rustle

They spot the love of their life

Of course never spoken, just felt

Just watch as he scribbles love letters for their wedding day

Oh how handsome

Oh how insightful

Oh how strong

Oh how

The mother with her daughter

Naturally scared just as a dog hears thunder

She spots a predator

Of course never spoken, just felt

Just watch the way he looks at her, STOP LOOKING AT HER!

Oh how scary

Oh how wrong

Oh how gross

Oh how

The couple

Naturally laughing just as hyenas do without a know in the world

They spot a philosopher

Of course never spoken, just felt

Just watch him stare ahead until the trees around him bleed the truth of the universe

Oh how wise

Oh how intelligent

Oh how motivated

Oh how

And then I wonder, after they are all done looking at me

Did any of them spot a boy?

Just wanting to write

Just wanting to think

Just wanting to see

Oh how nice that would be

Because then more than just the daughter and I would have noticed the butterfly dancing

around her head

Image Credit:https://addicted2success.com/

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