• Jake West

Today, I Still Love you Most

Sometimes I like the idea of you. Dancing around in my head, like our problems were never there. It’s nice to see you smiling. It’s nice to hold you tight.

Sometimes I remember how you were. “So perfect”, I say. But I don’t know. Let’s face it, you weren’t, and neither was I.

We fought. Can I remember the times you yelled in my ear? It hurt. So I hurt back. You see, I ran. I always did. Yet, I love you. Yet, I miss you. Yet, I need you.

Oh love. I don’t know why, but I love you. I think regret holds me back. Regret for what I could have done. For who I could have been.

You see, I hate myself for what I made us. Yet, I’d do it again. We aren’t meant to be. I want more, and you want less.

You see my love, we will never be each other’s other again. But I will still love you. I love you, every day. I wait, every day. Never too far, and always too close.

You live in me. You eat me. And I only pretend to complain.

One day I’ll let you go. But not today. Today, I still love you most.

Image Credit: https://livingasoulfullife.files.wordpress.com/

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