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The Power of Hypnotherapy

I’ve always been interested in alternative methods of healing. Recently I’ve come to discover a method that I’ve found very beneficial. In fact, I’ve made positive changes and have been proactively changing my life, faster than I ever had before.

I have always struggled with a restrictive eating disorder, but this past winter I turned to binge eating instead. I was so frustrated with myself; I felt powerless over my situation. It seemed as though whatever I tried I just couldn’t get a handle on it; I felt like my entire life was so out of control that my entire world had been turned upside down. I spent weeks and a lot of money on talk therapy, and regardless, my disordered eating behaviors only seemed to get worse and worse.

My therapist dropped me and told me that I needed a higher level of care. I felt hopeless. I began looking into residential facilities. I had never responded well to residential treatment, but at this point, I felt like I had no other options.

A friend of mine suggested I look into other things, alternative methods such as acupuncture or hypnotherapy. I had done acupuncture in the past, and although I found it relaxing, it was far too expensive to keep up with on any regular basis in order to reap the benefits.

I was skeptical about hypnotherapy, but I looked into it anyway. I reached out to my friend Sam. I remembered that in high school she was struggling to pass her road test because she had anxiety about driving; she turned to hypnotherapy, passed her road test, and still drives to this day. She told me it was definitely worth trying.

I began calling hypnotherapists all over Long Island, asking as many questions as I could; I still really didn’t understand how it worked. “You can’t change an unconscious action with a conscious thought.” Yes. Exactly. That was the piece that I had been missing. I kept trying to consciously change my actions, but my unconscious mind was fighting much harder to protect me.

A situation that occurred this past winter triggered memories and fears from three years ago. My feelings regarding this situation had never been properly dealt with, and to me, it was really too painful to really deal with at all. As a means of protection, my unconscious mind turned my attention towards food.

I was lucky enough to find a hypnotherapist that works in my town, and I am so grateful for his dedication to helping me heal. I have made progress that I didn’t think was possible, and I have dealt with more issues and worked through more problems in the month and a half that I worked with him than I have in eight years of talk therapy. I have realized that hypnotherapy is how, and may be the only way, I can fully heal my mind.

For years I never understood what drove my beliefs, what triggered my disordered eating, my obsessive thoughts, or my impulsive and compulsive actions. Now that I have someone helping me to work in my unconscious mind, I have a better understanding of myself and a better handle on my life.

Hypnotherapy is not scary, and it is not mind manipulation. It is almost like a guided meditation. My therapist walks me through a relaxation process, and in that relaxed state, I fall into a trance. When I am in a trance he can speak to my unconscious and conscious minds simultaneously. Some issues are directly addressed, while others are working themselves out beneath the surface, without me realizing. He has made me look at uncomfortable images from my past, but helped me work through them. Some of these images are hard to relive and painful to remember, but if I look at them and deal with them, then I am no longer running from them. I have also addressed relationships and false beliefs about myself. Sometimes he offers different views and perceptions, because sometimes what I believe is all I know.

I have faced my worst nightmares, but I do it so that they can no longer haunt me. To be free of unconscious self-sabotage is indescribable; weights have been lifted from my shoulders. It’s incredible how we can carry so much pain with us from day to day. My mind is so much more clear, and I have so much more clarity about myself.

Sometimes I joke that I’m “getting hypnotized”, but every time I go into a trance I am becoming closer to myself, developing a better understanding of who I am, and gaining more confidence in myself.

I’m a very routine person; I like to do things in ways I know and am used to. I am by no means saying talk therapy is unhelpful, but hypnotherapy has intensified and expedited my healing process. I have accomplished and realized things I otherwise wouldn’t have. Doing the same things that don’t work over and over will not make them work. I feel better because I tried something different.

Image Credit: https://hypnosiscliniclondon.files.wordpress.com

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