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Sometimes we are drawn to the simple things in life. Blowing bubbles as the cold fall weather takes the circular balls of soap for a ride. Watching just one blade of grass push against its brothers as that same breeze orchestrates its movements. Or swinging softly as you look to the sky above in your cozy hammock.

Simple is easy. Simple is nice. Simple is simple.

Simple is when you watch a daddy-long-legs crawl along your jeans looking for the right way to go. And as it struggles, you allow it time and go back to playing with bubbles. Simple is reading because life is easier when it is already written for you. Simple is matching your socks… and simple is also unmatching your socks. Simple is brushing your teeth in the morning, even when you’re in a rush. Simple is when they say that they love you and you love them right back.

Occasionally, I like to remind myself how simple life can be. And how beautiful that simplicity can feel. How liberating life is when you see the efficiency of inefficiency.

With far commutes come daily drives to give your brain a moment to be. With no hot water comes the reminder that cold showers are good for your health as well. With every line you wait in, it is the opportunity to find the name card of the person working that morning. And every meeting that talks about everything unimportant is a chance for you to improve your doodling skills.

The efficiency of life is not contingent on the speed of your car. The wasted moments are not added up from the minutes your waiting in life. And the thing that makes life beautiful is not how many things you see, but how much you see.

It doesn’t take a plane ticket to find luxury. Distance cannot measure the beauty of somewhere. Put simply, nirvana is all around us, it’s just whether we can take a minute to simply notice it.

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