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This is a reminder to stick to the path and trust the process.

There tends to be an expectation to live life in the fast lane. To rush to the top with the intention of being the first to arrive. To spend more time at the milestone rather than appreciate the journey as a whole. Somehow the concept of fast-forwarding time has become a social custom. There is a trend to have what you want when you want it and typically we want it now.

How does impatient behavior turn ugly?

Thinking about what patience means, it is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. In definition, patience is represented as a restriction to indulging. The definition recognizes patience as the internalization of an irritation, which seems a bit extreme.

When patience was first taught to me, I remember being told to wait my turn, and then I will have my chance. I can picture myself asking for a sweet treat and having a heart attack when my parents told me to wait until I finish my dinner. Another time I remember was when my parents got my sisters and me a puppy. I remember wishing for the puppy to learn to sit and shake, but the first few times the puppy didn’t listen. This frustrated me because I wanted to see the puppy sit. After hours even days of repetition, our dog eventually learned to sit, shake, AND balance the treat on his nose! At a young age that advice to wait and see was taken poorly, but eventually, I did learn to stop crying over not getting dessert first. My intital introduction into the life of patience was not taken well, but with time I have learned to appericate these moments.

Reflecting on my life now, I think about how grateful I am to have learned patience at a young age. It makes more sense now and here is why:

Thinking back to the time when I was waiting to hear back from college applications, those moments required patience. There was a solid three or four months of refreshing emails or even physically walking outside to that trusty mailbox in hopes of receiving an answer. This chunk of time was unnerving. There was quite a bit of uncertainty with plenty of risk on the line. In these moments I told myself to be persistent and keep my eyes on the horizon. Day by day I would continue to wait for answers, while fully engaging myself in my everyday life. I would keep calm and carry on, because I knew that at some point the work will pay off. I value patience as a life lesson because with patience I am able to come to terms with my uncertainty. It takes time to unravel and reveal our paths, and sometimes answers do not directly follow the questions we may have or even ask. Patience is challenging because we never know how long these moments of uncertainty may last. Our impatience grows with time, and the challenge is to escape that negativity and find a will to get through it. That being said, patience may be greater defined as an appreciation for the moment.

Patience is a practice of being present and persistent. It is a talent and a beauty. Watching a puppy sit nicely at the feet of the owner quietly waiting for a treat is much cuter than a whiny pup, scratching for his rations. While it may be cute to be demanding of the things we want, there is little beauty in a tantrum.

Why is patience important?

“Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength.” ~Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Patience is a great quality to have because it leads to active listening and communicating. In the search to develop a better world, it is important to reflect on how we can become better people. Turning words into actions, it may be beneficial to take a look at how to practice patience. Patience is actively balancing reactions with counteractions. Patience is a talent, and with time this talent can be mastered.

Not every time, but in most cases impatience will get the best of you. Just as I slowly learned to wait for my dessert, so can you learn to wait for the results and treasures you crave. Patience is a virtue :) Remember that to stick to the path and trust the process. Be patient with yourself and allow forgiveness for mistakes.




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