• Cat Young

Part 2 Motivation-- “Keeping the fire burning”

--- Getting back to the basics, it is 2020 and we are in survival mode. Right now we can recognize that we are living in a time of panic. We are sitting with fear in our minds, struggling to think outside of it. We are channeling our internal survival mechanisms, however, we are forgetting the natural truth that humanity is a force. We are a group. We are a team. We are the same people. We do the same things and drink the same waters.

That being established I recognize that our motivations at this time may either be at a low, OR we may be overflowing with a desire to do something. Although we are in this together, we are facing differences in motivation. We stand on a wide spectrum ranging from defeated to inspired, so how can we do this together? How can we collaboratively cultivate our motivations? And most importantly how can our cultivated motivations be managed and maintained in order to contribute to a larger solution?

These questions raise subjective answers because no two people have the same initial motivations.

Yes, it is a truism that humanity is a team, but from my knowledge, a team never does the same tasks. A team is a group of experts that share responsibilities while dividing up the workload. Consider the sports teams you’ve played for, or the group projects you’ve completed, or the workplace staff you rely on. In each of these circumstances, there were different positions being filled with different responsibilities being carried out. There were individual tasks that contributed to a collaborative action to accomplish the larger task. We, as a team, need to cultivate our individual motivations in order to combat a larger issue.

As mentioned before, there is no singular way to cultivate motivations. That being said, in my earlier post I suggested cultivating motivation from the basics of survival. By this I mean, initiate actions because you simply want to. Initiate actions because it simply brings you joy, or because without it life wouldn’t mean was much.---“Keep the fire burning”--- If we were all to recognize this phrase for the simplicity that it stands for, then the pure intentions of our ‘fires’ would drive a sustainable maintenance of motivations. If we cultivated our motivations to burn ‘fires’ because we are purely enjoying it, or because without this fire our lives would have no meaning, then the collaborative actions to bring this world together would be surrounded by pure bliss. People would be living their lives, doing things they genuinely care about doing, leaving imprints of gratitude and pride on the grounds we walk on.

The message is clear! Motivation to light your own fire is not selfish. If anything it is selfless, because creating a happier you is creating a happier community. With less self-destruction, you clear more space for positive initiatives, allowing for pure joy to resonate for a longer period of time.

I said it before, but I will say it again. I suggest that during the times of low ambition, return to those survival instincts. Cultivate what is deemed absolutely necessary and start again from there. CHANNEL YOUR FIRE.

readings to consider--

“Life doesn’t stop for time. Convert this tension into productivity. Organise your thoughts as best you can, and refrain from pressuring yourself to feel fulfilled. The work will get done, the quality will be its best and you will survive. Let go of any unnecessary tensions and just allow yourself to think logically. Life is a big mix of all the things good and bad. Balance is what it’s about.”

---A motivational speech if I’ve ever heard one :)

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