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Adjective: limitless

without end, limit, or boundary

For the majority of us, limitless, to put it rather simply, means nothing but something which is boundless. It continues into the unknown, into the cosmic. We’ve accepted this hollow definition, content with it only because anything which is untold isn’t under our control.

However, limitless is not what is unfathomable. Limitless really is pushing boundaries, creating unceasing ideas, and changing mindsets.

It means being that strong-headed female in an industry dominated by 87% male engineers.

Limitless is that man who is a ballet aficionado among a myriad of women on stage.

It is that girl who’s braving her bullies every day just to gain knowledge. Illimitable are the people fighting for LGBT rights, in spite of what they continue to face every day.

It is the realization that being a social worker is worth just as much as being a banker or a doctor.

It is the acceptance that a woman is defined by more than just her beauty; she is described by her intelligence and personality. Boundless is embracing ourselves as we are.

It means resisting those body-shamers and surging ahead from age-old definitions. It’s realizing that one’s body is their own and body modification is a choice, not a sign of rebellion.

And yes, ‘Not Applicable’ as an option for when it comes to filling a form that asks us what our religion is.

Limitless is accepting that feminism is not giving more rights to women, rather, equality of men and women.

It means breaking the mindset that any woman with a hijab and any man with a skull cap has a bomb hidden somewhere.

It is knowing that even though change is a constant, our values are perpetual.

Limitless can be a lot of things for all of us because no matter what people tell us, words and ideas do change the world. Limitless is exactly that; being that change. Be the round peg in the square hole, be someone who sees things differently. People might vilify you, might disagree with you, or even quote you but they can never ignore you. While people might see you as the crazy ones, it is ultimately the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who actually do!

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