• Tanvi Singh

Letter to My Future Self

Hold on... things do get better. I promise it’s that simple.

Fifteen years down the line, I really hope that you’ll find this letter next to a typewriter and the books you love, not next to a dossier and a mug of stale coffee you loathe. Learn to take risks, to take a chance. Most times they don’t work out because let’s be honest, life gives us a lot of lemons without the tequila.

There will be a lot of people you would’ve loved and trusted. But sometimes, that doesn’t last. That’s okay. You will find people who’ll love you in spite of every tantrum you throw or tear you shed. They’ll be the ones who’ll be there when even that tequila won’t help. I know that trusting people comes almost naturally to you, but maybe you shouldn’t. Time has a funny way of teaching us things, doesn’t it?

Learn to let go. Stop taking life so seriously. Everything is not your fault or even your responsibility. Go for a run in the rain. Take that trek. Cook something you burnt the last time. Have that Harry Potter marathon you’ve been putting off since forever or put on that song which reminds you of that one person you’ll always remember. But breathe. Do something for yourself.

As for finding love, stop looking. It will happen when it has to, and letting you into a secret-learning to love yourself in the meanwhile is more alluring than it’s ever given credit for.

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