• Jake West

It's Not Fair!

Being forced to let go when you thought you could hold on for so much longer is the out of body experience a five-year-old goes through as their favorite toy is played with in front of them as they want it.

The little voice that we spent so long growing out of begins to whine in our heads, “It’s not fair!”

Repeating without reason or purpose, the child we believe we are not, grows in frustration. “That’s mine! Give it back!”

And so it chants. And so you cry. You cry those childish tears as something you thought would be yours to have is now the world’s to play with.

“Five more minutes! Please!!” The voice beings to compromise. “Please. I would do anything for just one more day.”

But you have no leverage. You have nothing to offer. It’s your own fault, your voice begins to chime in. I shouldn’t get my expectations up so high. Ah, how wise we become when we try to see the light in something that we know to be so dark.

And so we try to dissociate and let our rationalism take the lead. Justification is all society requires, so some question why to continue. Why continue to hear the child when I’ve come to a point of “stability”… or is it repression?

I’ll tell you why to continue on the path of accepting the loss of something you once held. Because whether you hear that five-year-old or not, they are there. They will not stop crying until you soothe them. No logic, no reasoning, just comfort. Until you hug and smile while reminding them of all the good. Only then will the tears stop pouring. 

And let me tell you one last thing: No raindrop will blame itself for the flood. Holding back tears will not lead to hell overnight. But as that child cries, days become years and years become a lifetime. Weighing you down more and more with every passing moment until the great flood comes and everything is erased.

Only leaving the thought you ignored so long ago: “it’s not fair”

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