• Jake West

Emptiness, Love, and Pain

There’s an emptiness in me,  Right now.  Right now,  my chest is hollowed out.  Right now,  despair sounds dramatic.  Right now,  a sphere of nothing has never been more consuming.  I spent a lot today,  you see.  So many nerves.  So much speed.  Why must I go so fast?  Why must relaxing feel equal to waste? I want to cry.  Rarely I do. Darkness fills me,  and I smile. A hole is to be filled, No matter the filling. I tell myself this. I tell myself a lot. ----- Oh my love. Oh my sweet. I long for you. Your gentle all. Smile honey! Take the picture. It’s moments like these we long to keep. To hold and own. You want all that you need. And then… Wait, I’ll try again. AND THEN YOU WILL BE WHOLE!!! Pound your chest, Rhyme and all. You are strong, You say. You are life, You pray. You are all, Just for today. Let your spirits run my love. Let your voice be heard! ----- She is mean. Why is she mean? Why does she hurt me? Why does she hurt? Why does she? Why? No. Why? Why do I? Why do I get hurt? Why do I get hurt by her?  No. Why? Why do I? Why do I let her? Why do I let her hurt me? No. Why? Why do I? Why do I hurt? Why do I hurt her? Why?

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