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No matter what point you may be in this journey, I want to assure you that there is always something to take away from the experiences that you endure. Every moment counts for something, and you develop a greater awareness of your surroundings as time moves on. That being said, not all experiences feel the greatest. Not all experiences are worth smiling about. Real life experiences are complicated and present challenges to our willpower. How can we continue to endure the painful parts of life, while maintaining a positive outlook on our days? The challenge is to balance the good, bad, and ugly in order to sustain a happy and beautiful life.

My last few posts touch on ideals of motivation, confidence, solitude, patience, forgiveness, ambition, etc. Each post includes a challenge to see life in a new light. I want to share a mentality that life is thrilling. By feeling confident in our actions, holding our heads high, and recognizing our worth, we begin to develop ourselves as well-balanced people. This post is intended to connect the dots and complete a conservation about building healthier habits and a balanced life.

What does it mean to be well-balanced?

To be well-balanced is to be grounded. The morals of my last few posts may be recognized as the foundation of a secure base. My very first post circulated around survival instincts and doing things because they are necessary. The post explained that true fire is fueled by bliss and the challenge was to find a way to sustain that bliss to keep the fire burning. Finding true bliss and continually feeding the fire is an outcome of a well-balanced life, but it is not a simple task. I like to highlight that finding balance in life is a necessary action, and here is why:

To be well-balanced is to have a secure base to fall back on and reference. Noticeably, it is subjective to define a secure base, because each person has their own sense of safety and security. This sense of security is embedded in our instinctual direction, and tuning into that thought process is a step towards developing awareness of boundaries. It may be daunting to get a grip on a well-balanced life, however with an active effort toward bettering ourselves this task can be managed. This effort to balance happiness and positivity requires strategy. It requires thoughtful consideration of actions and intentions. It requires time and attention. Finding balance is not an overnight excursion, it takes work.

How can I trust my instincts?

I said it before, but I will say it again: I suggest that during the times of low ambition, return to those survival instincts. Cultivate what is deemed absolutely necessary and start again from there. CHANNEL YOUR FIRE.

Trusting your instincts is the same as trusting in yourself. By taking responsibility for your actions and being present in your life, you build trust within yourself. You begin to test your boundaries and you push yourself past your limits both physically and mentally. I am a firm believer in a full send. Crushing borders and making big statements. I find it to be thrilling to live in such a way, however, this mentality comes with a cost. There is a responsibility to be bold and strong, but also be kind and gentle. We live in a world of pain; Bold, hateful statements are FAR from helpful.

Mark Groves is a human connection specialist. I suggest following him on Instagram @createthelove for plenty of thought-provoking content. Mark says…

“When I began trusting the intuitive pulls of my soul, my life transformed. It wasn’t that my life was necessarily bad before… it’s just that it started to get really amazing. The more I leaned into uncertainty and the unknown, the more my heart and soul expanded. Growth and love both require that we move towards people and moments we can’t predict the outcome of. And trusting in that mystery is trusting in love”

I respect what Mark has to say. He opens a challenge to dial into our instinctive behaviors and generates an explanation for why our instincts matter. He identifies that there is no punishment for indulging in the better parts of life. He presents no shame in reward, and I wish to share this message with others. Pain may teach us things, but love teaches us more. Love this life and love the lives around yours.

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