• Swastika Sharma


it's 2017

and every item in your local canteen

is up there for the world to see

this 'gram, that tweet

so sickly sweet

and perhaps it's ironical of me

to reach you here;

but this is a reckless spree

perhaps the least dainty of pleas;

so listen to me.

we've hit the peak

we're overcoming our fears

but that's a larger than life fact,

the six-inch screen hides heavy tears

all these products, your skin is clear

but this undying terror that you've kept near

worldly tranquility is a facade, and we're not really here;

steer clear, my dear.

it's a dangerous sheer.

do it for yourself

wash your face and clean that shelf

do it for you

and know that in the run,

you do it for me too.

it's an overlooked flare

you'd say "no one really cares"

but that's because they've accepted the wear and tear,

it's a wicked fair.

so categorically done,

a pathetic feeling, second to none.

for you come back home,

your eyes all smothered

how can you so easily say,

you are unbothered?

#SelfHealing #PositiveVibes

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