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Talk To Strangers

From a young age, we’re taught about the catastrophic consequences of talking to strangers, always warned about their potential bad intentions. Yet, we’re constantly sternly advised to keep our own confused, fragmented and potentially dangerous emotions to keep aimlessly swirling inside us, never to be heard by anyone, as the fear of the looming cloud of “what will people say?” takes precedence over all. Because of this, usually no one ends up saying anything, making us more of harm to ourselves than any lessons about “Stranger Danger” have taught us of possibly happening.

It is heartbreaking to note that we find it easier to escape ourselves through self harm, than we do by real actual conversations. Exchanges of our misery can lead us taking a step back and view the bigger picture, find common issues which we suffer through to bring that that tinge of normalcy that usually gets lost under the “what will people say?”, and realize along the way that things are not as bad as imagined. Our problems are just like photographs in that aspect; the more we stay zoomed in and focused on them, the more pixelated and distorted they look.

Declaring a truce between your speed-of-light pessimistic thoughts and your daily routine can be very difficult; Thoughts which seem to hold you captive, yet numb, and deceive you to fall further back into its dark cradle due to the whispers, ignorance and stigmas which come from your known ones when you decide to reveal your strength by acknowledging your weakness.

This makes us question whether we should forget our childhood lessons, and try seeking comfort outside when our own depression cloud is getting too heavy for us to bear. Strangers are often romanticized in songs and movies, due to how different they are to your lives, bringing in different ideas, insights and perspectives. Sometimes, this change, far away from what you know, or vested interests of those you know, can be the most comforting. Talking to strangers may help in understanding that our tears, struggle, and stress are common issues and actually encourage in helping us find a way out of our depressive captivity. More often than not, we are too busy embracing the light in front of our loved ones, that we completely let them ignore our dark.

Strangers, with a lack of information about you and your perfect-resume-like description, can get a better understanding of the real you; without stigmas, because they’re hurting too, stranger. After all, Pandora also had to open the box to expose all the sadness, misery, and diseases to the surroundings before hope could fly out. Hope tends to hide in the crevices of our most miserable states, and only by lessening our burden together can we find it.

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