• Yashvardhan Sharma

Strangers Are Friends

"There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met."

- William Butler Yeats

Many studies have shown that it is easier for a person to open up to strangers, Why is is that? Well, when we talk to or discuss any situation with a stranger, We tend to be more open because we know that the other person whom we are talking to will probably never meet us, so there's nothing to afraid of sharing your problems, there aren't any negative effects of that.Also,

  1. It is always easier to let out your feelings and share your problems, If you cannot share it with a friend or family member, A stranger is your best option

  2. You dont know if the other person is also facing the same problem or has been through it in the past or not, in that case he/she can describe their own problems and help you get through it.

  3. You never know who you might meet? Let's say, you are a lawyer and are looking for a firm to represent but have trouble doing that, so talk about it to a guy you meet at a bar and who might actually need a lawyer to represent his/her firm

  4. Stepping out of our comfort zone introduces us to a fresh views or perspectives and an abundance in knowledge. It also activates the out of box thinking making us appreciate what we have now.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that people tend to enjoy themselves during their commute a lot more when they chat with strangers.The study asked a group of people to open up a conversation with a stranger, then report on how they felt afterwards. Those who spoke with a stranger had more positive experiences and tended to enjoy the commute more.

Of course, as with all these types of things, it's always important to remember boundaries. Do not get too personal with your problems or use fictitious details if needed to describe your situation.

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