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Allow yourself to be happy

Rome was built on ruins, and is quite spectacular - what makes you think you can’t be too?

The truth is, unless you let go, Unless you forgive yourself, Unless you forgive the situation, Unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. We all strive for happiness. “I want to be happy, that’s it.” This is often what I hear people saying. Everyone likes being sad these days and it really amazes me as to how well they do it. I sure have my bad days but I don’t want to tag myself as a ‘sad person’ because what’s the fun in being sad? You get literally NOTHING out of it. Right now, I’m at my worse. My future is uncertain. I don’t even have a plan. I don’t know what I want to do. It’s confusing and scary but I’m not sad.

Do away with negative thoughts. Negative thoughts make everything around seem bad even if it’s not. Tell yourself this- Everything happens for a reason. Because believe it or not, it does. Find happiness within yourself. Be thankful for what you have and be happy that you still have time to achieve so much more. There is a lesson in every bad decision you make.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Yes please, stop. Just stop already. You’re human, why do you keep forgetting that? Never regret a decison you make, at some point, it was exactly what you wanted. Heartbreaks, fading friendships and failures are all a part of life. You’re not ‘unlucky’ if you’ve been through some tough times. It’s all a part of the journey. And soon enough, you’ll look back, and see how everything made sense.

The art of letting go. Quite similar to what’s been discussed before. Why are you angry at them? You’re allowed to be human but they aren’t? People confuse letting go with forgiving. It’s not. You don’t have to forgive to let go. You just have to realise that there are more important issues that deserve more attention from you. Just let go. Tell yourself this everyday. It’s a gradual process but soon you’ll stand in a place where all you’ll say is-” I really don’t care anymore.” And that’s a beautiful feeling.

Read. Yes read. If you’re a frequent reader then you’d know what I’m talking about but for all those who don’t, give it a try. Remember as kids we were told that books take us to magical places? Believe me, they do. When I read, I try giving faces to the characters being described. Reading makes you a better person. Lessons learnt in books stay with us forever. So take some time out and grab a book. It could be anything- romantic and cheesy love story or a thriller. Read and live life from a different perspective for some time.

Lastly, love yourself. You were enough. Maybe you were too much. They prefer less and you deserve more. I know I’m a person with a terrible self esteem and zero confidence but I don’t hate myself. I love the kind of person I am. I have uncountable flaws. I’m not the prettiest girl you’ll come across, I’m not the smartest either. I get jealous. I cry over stupid things. I’m not a problem solver, I ignore them. But it’s fine. Accept the person you are. Stop comparing. The moment you realise how unique as a person you are, you’ll fall in love with yourself. And that’s what’s important.

Allow yourself to be happy. It looks gorgeous on you.

About the writer:

Trisha is an 18 year old from New Delhi, India. She likes art, books and food, and prefers a full blown conversation with her dog rather than saying “hi” to any other human around. Trisha is always down for drinking tea and going to art galleries.

Check out more of her writings here - https://thelastchapterweb.wordpress.com/

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