The wonderful team that forms the driving force behind Runaway comprises of highly talented students and mental health enthusiasts who share the common goal of promoting mental health awareness. Each of our team members are hardworking individuals who are eager to spread positivity and happiness. Each team member has been carefully screened and trained to be a part of this extremely welcoming and accessible platform. 

Together we strive to make the world happier

Satvik Sethi


Satvik Sethi is an international student from India majoring in Business Administration and Management at the State University of New York at Binghamton. With his vision of making the world happier, Satvik embarked on the journey to create Runaway. He has also undertaken many social initiatives that focus on rural empowerment, mental health, and collaborative learning by leading social service projects in schools, colleges and villages in association with various national and international organizations. In his free time, Satvik enjoys writing poetry, composing music and seeking new adventures.

Satvik's work in the field of mental health has been featured by several international media including the World Health Organization, Mashable, Next Gen Summit, etc. He was nominated for the UNESCO Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2018, and the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in New York. Satvik was also a part of Mental Health America's first ever Youth Mental Health Innovation Council.


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Marketing Team

Danika Jensen


Danika Jensen is a 2018 graduate of Iona college, holding a BA in Mass Communications, concentration in advertising. She is currently working as a consultant in New York City while preparing for Graduate School. Danika enjoys exercising and volunteering in her free time.

Megan Reilly


Megan Reilly is currently a junior at Binghamton University pursuing a degree in Accounting. She spends her free time engaging in her favorite activities such as fitness and baking. She has a deep passion for helping others and enjoys volunteering to support those in need whenever she can.


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Rebecca Gorman


Rebecca Gorman is currently a student at Binghamton University, New York. She plans on majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. In her free time, Rebecca loves reading, writing poetry, hiking, and listening to music. She loves to help and be a friend to all those around her.

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Jacob West


Jacob West is a sophomore at Binghamton University. He plans on majoring in both Sociology and Statistics.  He is the Head of Co-Rec for Mountainview Community, as well as a member for Roosevelt Institute. In his free time, Jacob enjoys watching TED talks, writing on his personal blog and spending time with friends and family.

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Willis Tang


Willis is currently a student at the University of Southern California pursuing a dual degree in Human Biology and Neuroscience. He is actively involved in volunteering in nearby hospitals and assists in conducting geospatial analytics research to remediate medical disparities in the LA area. During his free time, Willis enjoys playing the drums, hiking, and writing.


Jayant Singhal


Jayant Singhal is currently pursuing his majors in Economics and Mathematics from Hansraj College, Delhi University. He is passionate about mental health and helping others. He finds solace in his books and poetry while enjoying leisure.

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Maggie Dunsford


Maggie Dunsford is a current student at Binghamton University, double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. She's passionate about mental health and helping other people.  In her free time, she likes writing, reading, and taking walks.