Runaway is a social entrepreneurial venture that aims to spread mental health awareness and make the world happier.

Currently we're working on 3 modules:

1. Hosting events and workshops focused around mental health. So far we’ve hosted a multitude of events on campus, that include educational talks about available services, a panel discussion hosted by mental health experts, and a "mental health fest" that featured student speakers, tables hosted by student groups, and yoga practice. These events have the ultimate aim of bringing people out of their comfort zone to participate in mental health initiatives. Our events also hope to get more people to contribute to the discussion on mental health, and thus work with us to break down some of the stigma that surrounds the topic of mental health. Finally the events aim to be educative by providing participants with helpful knowledge on various aspects of mental health, as well as tips and techniques for how they could help themselves, as well as the people around them.

2. A mobile app that will allow users to anonymously talk to our highly skilled and monitored set of volunteers from across the world. The app will provide users with a platform to vent out their emotions, talk about their problems, and seek encouragement. The whole motive behind the app is to provide users with an anonymous environment wherein they can share their challenges, thoughts, and feelings in 1-on-1 chat rooms, and be heard by our volunteers via active listening. This not only provides users with emotional relief, but also gets them in the habit of opening up to others and seeking help by reaching out.

3. Our carefully and passionately curated positivity zone that provides users with happy art, quotes, music, inspiring stories, etc. in order to lift their spirits and bring some happiness to them. During our research, and individual attempts to find a good source of consolidated positivity, we often came back empty handed, and so we decided to do something to change that. The concept of Runaway, comes from the idea that we want to be a happy place that people can run away to. Thus, we’ve established a page on our website where we aggregate a variety of content that we believe will help cheer people up and provide them with a positive way to spend their time. We plan to add a whole range of new content including printable versions of adult coloring books, fun games, and a whole lot more!

Disclaimer: Runaway does not promote itself as a professional counseling service, but merely as an outlet for people to vent out their problems and communicate with our friendly and extremely helpful volunteers. In some cases, it may be appropriate to receive professional therapy. Conversations with our volunteers should not be considered medical advice or therapy. The members and listeners should use our service with discretion and at their own risk, without any liability to Runaway in any shape or form.

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