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making the world happier



We're a budding community of students, professionals, public, and private organizations working collectively towards making the world happier!


We host events at college campuses around the world that promote mental health awareness and break down the stigma around the topic.


We work with public and private organizations to create and share mental health resources that can benefit student communities around the world.


We're constantly creating and compiling mental health resources of all types for our followers and users around the world.

What is Runaway?

Runaway is your home away from home. When life gets too much and you find yourself overwhelmed by the desire to run away from it all, come to us.

We're a social venture for mental health that's working with stakeholders around the world to provide free mental health resources for you!

We're your friends!

Runaway is not a professional counseling or therapy service. We're simply a group of students around the world who want to make the world happier. 

Think of us as your friends, we're here to listen, help, and be there for you in your time of need.

Why should you reach out?

With the societal stigma and internalized pressures placed on us every day, it can feel impossible to admit when we need help. This challenging first step requires us to be open, vulnerable, and most of all, trusting of the person we invite into the painful parts of our lives. But as difficult as this may be, without support can lead to further isolation and withdrawal from the many beauties and experiences this world has to offer.


Mental illness is real. It is a legitimate issue that millions face throughout their lives. And you asking for support is the very opposite of showing weakness.


Please start communicating with a friend or family member if you are struggling. Whether that be through setting up a time to talk over lunch, a call on the phone, or just a simple, “Can we talk” when the time feels right, it doesn’t matter, there is no wrong way. Please start the conversation how you feel is best because nobody should have to face these issues alone.

- Jacob West, Director of Content

Some areas we can help with:








Social Isolation

Eating Disorders

Thank you Runaway for doing such important work. They've provided access to mental health resources for SO MANY.
Keep doing the great work!

College Student, United States